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Monday, August 28, 2006

Journey--Greatest Hits Album:

Journey's Greatest Hits Album "Don't Stop Believing" is as good as that Family Guy episode would lead you to believe. This compilation does in fact contain all of their greatest hits. As a Journey fan I will admit to mostly knowing the radio tunes and the ones that were played from my Dad's tape deck in the garage, but this CD has them all. The main problem I am having while listening to this CD is that I am at work and feel the need to be driving down the highway singing along to 'Wheel in the Sky'...and I can't exactly sing along at my desk. I just found this CD to be a perfect collection of love ballads ('Faithfully') and ones to rock out to (i.e. the classic rocking out tune 'Anyway you want it'). The CD moves seamlessly between all 16 tracks with a selection that perfectly encompasses all of Journey's extensive repertoire
-J. J. Miller


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