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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


If you would like a chance to win 2 tickets to see Kate Voegele, Hanson, and Stephen Kellogg perform in Allentown, PA on Friday May 2nd 2008, send an email with your name and address to SPOONFULLOFTRUTH@AOL.COM. One winner will be selected at random and notified on April 29th. Good luck!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shrek the 3rd

Shrek the 3rd is scheduled to be released tomorrow and I assure you all this movie should not be missed. Shrek the 3rd continues the fine tradition of the first two Shrek movies. Will Shrek become King? Will he become a father? Will Prince Charming It is tame enough for the kids yet has enough wit and humor to keep adults well entertained. All of the great characters have returned: Shrek, Feonia, Donkey, Puss (in boots), and even the evil Prince Charming; and many wonderful new characters have been added making this the most star studded cast to grace far, far away yet! I found myself laughing over and over again. This is a great movie to take the kids, a date, or even yourself to. I recommend trying to buy tickets in advance if you're going this weekend as it will probably sell out almost every showing.
If you see the movie this weekend, come back and leave a comment and let the rest of the Spoon, Full of Truth readers know what you thought!

Johnny Cash: Ultimate Gospel

To be honest I was first introduced to Johnny Cash with the crazy media coverage surrounding the release of Walk the Line. As a fan of country music my whole life, I now realize how insane and highly unlikely that is. When I was asked to review ‘Cash: Ultimate Gospel’ I was very excited as I had not previously heard any of his gospel songs. The album features classic gospel tunes such as “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” and “Amazing Grace” as well as several less known but equally beautiful favorites. Starting off with a brief sermon by Cash himself the album flows effortlessly from one tune to the next, with an amazing sound quality. If you are a casual Johnny Cash fan or anyone who appreciates excellently performed gospel music this is a must have!
--J.J. Miller

1. Here Was A Man
2. The Preacher Said, "Jesus Said"
3. I Was There When It Happened Windows | Real
4. Belshazzar Windows | Real
5. That's Enough Windows | Real
6. It Was Jesus Windows | Real
7. The Old Account Windows | Real
8. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Windows | Real
9. The Great Speckle Bird Windows | Real
10. He'll Understand And Say Well Done Windows | Real
11. How Great Thou Art
12. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
13. He Turned Water Into Wine
14. Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord) Windows | Real
15. Troublesome Waters Windows | Real
16. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) Windows | Real
17. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder Windows | Real
18. In The Sweet By And By Windows | Real
19. My Ship Will Sail
20. Far Side Banks Of Jordan Windows | Real
21. Oh Come, Angel Band Windows | Real
22. Amazing Grace Windows | Real
23. Daddy Sang Bass Windows | Real
24. Children Go Where I Send Thee

Catch and Release Soundtrack

I really enjoyed the Catch and Release soundtrack. I hadn’t heard any of the songs on the compilation prior to listening to this CD and I am honestly able to say that I liked all of them. Upon completion of listening I thought that it reminded me a bit of the OC soundtracks (I haven’t actually listened to one, but it’s the same sort of music). The only band missing is Rooney. That being said I thought it was very up-to-date with some of the newer offerings it provided. I am actually interested in seeing the movie more so than I was before. Catch and Release seems like something I would watch (it was all definitely something I would listen to).

--J.J. Miller

I enjoyed the Catch and Release soundtrack as well. It was mellow yet modern. It had a good mix of artists I had heard of and ones I was not familiar with, but all the tracks worked very well with one another. I had no interest in seeing the movie (I'm pretty much against anything with Jen Garner since she became Ben Affleck by association) but that didn’t carry over to the music that was selected for the film, which I enjoyed very much. I was especially fond of the first two songs on the album (by Foo Fighters and Lemonheads). I would definitely recommend that people check this out.

--D. Jacob Miller


Title Artist
1. Razor Foo Fighters
2. My Drug Buddy The Lemonheads
3. A Nest For Two Blinker The Star
4. Mornings Eleven The Magic Numbers
5. Pills Gary Jules
6. Electrified And Ripe Steve Durand
7. The Winding Staircase New Radiant Storm King
8. Sky Signal Audible
9. Leaving The Ground Peter MacLaggan
10. What If You Joshua Radin
11. These 3 Sins Gomez
12. Resistance Alaska!
13. Let The Bad Times Roll Paul Westerberg
14. Turning Blue The Swallows
15. What I Done Andrew Rodriguez
16. Soul Meets Body Death Cab For Cutie
17. There Goes The Fear Doves

To open in new window click the title. All streams are in Quicktime.

Videos: Blinker The Star - Nest For Two

Videos: The Swallows: Turning Blue

Videos: Andrew Rodriguez - What I Done

Friday, February 16, 2007

Norah Jones: Not Too Late

On Jan 30th 2007 Norah Jones released her third album entitled “Not Too Late”. All 13 songs were written or co-written by her—making this her most personal album yet. The lead single is “Thinking about you”. Jones blends her usual combination of soul, folk, country, jazz and pop on this album. Her thinly veiled political criticism perhaps makes this a more serious album than previous efforts, but it is just as enjoyable.
My only criticism is that it is easy to listen to the entire album without noticing that the songs have changed. I find her voice beautiful and calming, but quite often the songs sound very similar and one seems to blend into another. This isn’t always a bad thing and it does lend to some wonderful background music, but I just didn’t feel that any particular song stuck out on its own.
--J.J. Miller

Friday, December 22, 2006


The Beatles—LOVE

Originally I thought that perhaps this new compilation of Beatles songs was likely a rip off. Many times bands have repackaged their music just to sell the same thing once again to their fans. I am life long fan of The Beatles (it runs in my family--in the 60s my grandfather once waited in line for 10 hours to get tickets when they played in Toronto.) But I digress…once I listened to the album I changed my mind. The songs are remixed and packaged in a new way by George and Giles Martin. I think for any Beatles lover this album is a great new way to hear some of their classics. I think my favourite would have to be the new Strawberry fields forever. These remixes would be a great fun gift for any Beatles lover. --J.J. Miller

Wednesday, December 06, 2006



I will admit that I watched American Idol last season and was one of the millions of people who were shocked that Chris Daughtry was voted off when he was. I loved his voice, his look and the way he arranged his songs. However, I did not expect much from him after the show. There have been many artists to appear for their 15 minutes of fame on that show, never to be heard from again. I was surprised with this album—it is great. Many of the songs would sound great on a mix tape with Bon Jovi and Lifehouse. Lyrically he is reminiscent of Bryan Adams, leaning towards heartbreak and romance, but he has much more of an edge. My votes for two “of note” songs on this album are “What I want” featuring Slash. Also “Home” which he wrote. More of a ballad than the first one, but I really enjoyed it. I would say that this is the best effort seen from any American Idol contestant since Kelly Clarkson. He will do well with this one.
--J.J. Miller

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


When the commercials for ‘Accepted’ first came out I would refer to it as “the movie with that guy from the Mac commercials”. I don’t think I have seen Justin Long in anything before, but I will say that I really enjoyed him in this film. He seems to channel Ryan Reynolds in Van Wilder—the guy who has big ideas and implements them in college. While this movie can be a bit formulaic in the vein of Animal house and Old School, it does stand on its own as a really funny movie. The soundtrack is good without being hokey and they didn’t show all the funny parts in the previews. Battle Royale!
--J.J. Miller

I found 'Accepted' to be a modern day "Revenge of the Nerds". While all of the kids aren't specifically nerds, they are all outcasts from the mainstream in some regard. I found the movie entertaining although somewhat predictable at times. It's your typical, the lovable loser wins the girl in the end story. I found the cast to be entertaining, especially the fat-kid who attempts to join a frat-house. His dialogue alone makes the movie. Justin Long isn't a lead actor to me. He was better in supporting role (like in Dodgeball). Overall, I'd say this is a decent movie. A good way to waste a few hours on a rainy day and to introduce a new generation of kids to "Revenge of the Nerds".
--D. Jacob Miller

Thursday, October 26, 2006


OCT. 26th 2006--Newmarket films is set to release the movie "Death of a President" tomorrow at theatres nationwide. Death of a President is a fictional documentary that deals with the after effects of the assassination of President Bush in October of 2007. The Death of a President "documentary" looks back on the assassination (from a later date in the future) by using fictional first-hand accounts, news-clips, security footage, interviews with secret service, Bush staff members, suspects, forensic experts, and witness testimony. Piecing together actual footage of the president (which eliminates the need for an actor to portray Bush) along with the scripted scenes, allows the film to seem eerily realistic. When watching the film you really get the sense that you are watching an actual documentary of a past event as opposed to a fictional event from the future. The film does a good job of not condoning the assassination but rather showing the effects that Bush's actions have had on the American public, our soldiers, and the Muslim community. The film is very rooted in reality in the sense that Bush is so far removed from the pulse of the American public and the world as a whole, that he really doesn't see how his actions (in Iraq, with Patriot Act, etc) affect people. The sense of despair from post-war vets is powerfully moving as is the tunnel vision of the administration to focus blame on the Muslim world. The film also does a wonderful job of wrapping up with a twist that is right in line with the behavior of our government (as has been shown from the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations). I would urge anyone who has problems or doubts about with the current Bush administration to see this film. Not so much for the assassination, as for the outlook of where our country (and our planet) may be in a years time if political changes (i.e. a Democratic Senate) are not made. While this movie is being blacklisted in many theatres nationwide, here is some information on theatres that are not showing the film and others who are willing to stand up and show the movie.
Regal (world's biggest which said it would be inappropriate to play a film about the assassination of a sitting President) Cinemark, Century, Carmike, Marcus, Clearview Cinemas, Crown, AMC
Landmark Theatres and Pacific Theatres

Why the censorship of the film? Because some of the country's biggest theater chains and advertisers are sorely misinterpreting the film, presuming it to be advocating of assassinating a sitting president, rather than the reality, which is that it is "Poli-Sci-Fi," a "What If," not a "How To," film. and The History Channel Online have banned their previously negotiated media placements on their sites, and National Public Radio rejected the national buy on Monday after having accepted it last week. Could it be government pressure? Self-censorship? Cowardice? Whatever the reason, this is a film that you will have to seek out on your own, but I think you will not be disappointed if you do.

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