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Thursday, October 26, 2006


OCT. 26th 2006--Newmarket films is set to release the movie "Death of a President" tomorrow at theatres nationwide. Death of a President is a fictional documentary that deals with the after effects of the assassination of President Bush in October of 2007. The Death of a President "documentary" looks back on the assassination (from a later date in the future) by using fictional first-hand accounts, news-clips, security footage, interviews with secret service, Bush staff members, suspects, forensic experts, and witness testimony. Piecing together actual footage of the president (which eliminates the need for an actor to portray Bush) along with the scripted scenes, allows the film to seem eerily realistic. When watching the film you really get the sense that you are watching an actual documentary of a past event as opposed to a fictional event from the future. The film does a good job of not condoning the assassination but rather showing the effects that Bush's actions have had on the American public, our soldiers, and the Muslim community. The film is very rooted in reality in the sense that Bush is so far removed from the pulse of the American public and the world as a whole, that he really doesn't see how his actions (in Iraq, with Patriot Act, etc) affect people. The sense of despair from post-war vets is powerfully moving as is the tunnel vision of the administration to focus blame on the Muslim world. The film also does a wonderful job of wrapping up with a twist that is right in line with the behavior of our government (as has been shown from the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations). I would urge anyone who has problems or doubts about with the current Bush administration to see this film. Not so much for the assassination, as for the outlook of where our country (and our planet) may be in a years time if political changes (i.e. a Democratic Senate) are not made. While this movie is being blacklisted in many theatres nationwide, here is some information on theatres that are not showing the film and others who are willing to stand up and show the movie.
Regal (world's biggest which said it would be inappropriate to play a film about the assassination of a sitting President) Cinemark, Century, Carmike, Marcus, Clearview Cinemas, Crown, AMC
Landmark Theatres and Pacific Theatres

Why the censorship of the film? Because some of the country's biggest theater chains and advertisers are sorely misinterpreting the film, presuming it to be advocating of assassinating a sitting president, rather than the reality, which is that it is "Poli-Sci-Fi," a "What If," not a "How To," film. and The History Channel Online have banned their previously negotiated media placements on their sites, and National Public Radio rejected the national buy on Monday after having accepted it last week. Could it be government pressure? Self-censorship? Cowardice? Whatever the reason, this is a film that you will have to seek out on your own, but I think you will not be disappointed if you do.

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