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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catch and Release Soundtrack

I really enjoyed the Catch and Release soundtrack. I hadn’t heard any of the songs on the compilation prior to listening to this CD and I am honestly able to say that I liked all of them. Upon completion of listening I thought that it reminded me a bit of the OC soundtracks (I haven’t actually listened to one, but it’s the same sort of music). The only band missing is Rooney. That being said I thought it was very up-to-date with some of the newer offerings it provided. I am actually interested in seeing the movie more so than I was before. Catch and Release seems like something I would watch (it was all definitely something I would listen to).

--J.J. Miller

I enjoyed the Catch and Release soundtrack as well. It was mellow yet modern. It had a good mix of artists I had heard of and ones I was not familiar with, but all the tracks worked very well with one another. I had no interest in seeing the movie (I'm pretty much against anything with Jen Garner since she became Ben Affleck by association) but that didn’t carry over to the music that was selected for the film, which I enjoyed very much. I was especially fond of the first two songs on the album (by Foo Fighters and Lemonheads). I would definitely recommend that people check this out.

--D. Jacob Miller


Title Artist
1. Razor Foo Fighters
2. My Drug Buddy The Lemonheads
3. A Nest For Two Blinker The Star
4. Mornings Eleven The Magic Numbers
5. Pills Gary Jules
6. Electrified And Ripe Steve Durand
7. The Winding Staircase New Radiant Storm King
8. Sky Signal Audible
9. Leaving The Ground Peter MacLaggan
10. What If You Joshua Radin
11. These 3 Sins Gomez
12. Resistance Alaska!
13. Let The Bad Times Roll Paul Westerberg
14. Turning Blue The Swallows
15. What I Done Andrew Rodriguez
16. Soul Meets Body Death Cab For Cutie
17. There Goes The Fear Doves

To open in new window click the title. All streams are in Quicktime.

Videos: Blinker The Star - Nest For Two

Videos: The Swallows: Turning Blue

Videos: Andrew Rodriguez - What I Done


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