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Wednesday, December 06, 2006



I will admit that I watched American Idol last season and was one of the millions of people who were shocked that Chris Daughtry was voted off when he was. I loved his voice, his look and the way he arranged his songs. However, I did not expect much from him after the show. There have been many artists to appear for their 15 minutes of fame on that show, never to be heard from again. I was surprised with this album—it is great. Many of the songs would sound great on a mix tape with Bon Jovi and Lifehouse. Lyrically he is reminiscent of Bryan Adams, leaning towards heartbreak and romance, but he has much more of an edge. My votes for two “of note” songs on this album are “What I want” featuring Slash. Also “Home” which he wrote. More of a ballad than the first one, but I really enjoyed it. I would say that this is the best effort seen from any American Idol contestant since Kelly Clarkson. He will do well with this one.
--J.J. Miller


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