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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


When the commercials for ‘Accepted’ first came out I would refer to it as “the movie with that guy from the Mac commercials”. I don’t think I have seen Justin Long in anything before, but I will say that I really enjoyed him in this film. He seems to channel Ryan Reynolds in Van Wilder—the guy who has big ideas and implements them in college. While this movie can be a bit formulaic in the vein of Animal house and Old School, it does stand on its own as a really funny movie. The soundtrack is good without being hokey and they didn’t show all the funny parts in the previews. Battle Royale!
--J.J. Miller

I found 'Accepted' to be a modern day "Revenge of the Nerds". While all of the kids aren't specifically nerds, they are all outcasts from the mainstream in some regard. I found the movie entertaining although somewhat predictable at times. It's your typical, the lovable loser wins the girl in the end story. I found the cast to be entertaining, especially the fat-kid who attempts to join a frat-house. His dialogue alone makes the movie. Justin Long isn't a lead actor to me. He was better in supporting role (like in Dodgeball). Overall, I'd say this is a decent movie. A good way to waste a few hours on a rainy day and to introduce a new generation of kids to "Revenge of the Nerds".
--D. Jacob Miller


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