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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shrek the 3rd

Shrek the 3rd is scheduled to be released tomorrow and I assure you all this movie should not be missed. Shrek the 3rd continues the fine tradition of the first two Shrek movies. Will Shrek become King? Will he become a father? Will Prince Charming It is tame enough for the kids yet has enough wit and humor to keep adults well entertained. All of the great characters have returned: Shrek, Feonia, Donkey, Puss (in boots), and even the evil Prince Charming; and many wonderful new characters have been added making this the most star studded cast to grace far, far away yet! I found myself laughing over and over again. This is a great movie to take the kids, a date, or even yourself to. I recommend trying to buy tickets in advance if you're going this weekend as it will probably sell out almost every showing.
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